Just in case you like to follow the local real estate market numbers, I will share some of the numbers from March 2018.

These numbers are from Nash and Edgecombe Counties only, Rocky Mount is also broken out.

Active Listings

Nash - 311

Edgecombe - 150

Rocky Mount - 150

Total - 461

New Listings March

Nash - 71

Edgecombe - 32

Rocky Mount - 71

Home Sales (closed) March 2018

Nash - 78 - $12,233,829

Edgecombe - 22 - $1,000,000

Rocky Mount - 58 - $7,246,550

As you can see, we are experiencing very low inventory numbers and would love to talk to you about how your home would fit into today's market. We are seeing great opportunities to sell houses and still see buying homes as a good value. The pendulum seems to be starting to swing towards sellers as inventory declines! Give us a call and let's see what we can d to meet your housing needs. 252-443-4148